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Drone Roof Inspections & UAV Update

March 31, 2017

Drones are becoming a more and more common site in the sky these days. There are 770,000 registered drone owners in the United States. This amazing technology is being used for all kinds of jobs and inspections: 

  • Solar panel checkups
  • Bridge assessment
  • Power line scans
  • Search & rescue missions
  • Agricultural assessments (how’s that corn growing?)
  • Firefighting (to assess the extent of the fire and potential hot spots)
  • Construction surveys 
  • and more. 

In fact, Amazon is even considering delivering your orders to your doorstep by drone! 

Roofing Southwest has a fleet of drones that help us with a variety of tasks. First, our drones carry thermal imaging equipment. Infrared/thermal roof inspection is a proven method for detecting trapped moisture problems. When water seeps through a defect in the waterproofing membrane, it often becomes trapped in the insulation layer. In addition to the possibility of hidden damage spreading throughout underlying roofing materials, the building can experience energy loss since wet material provides less thermal resistance than dry material. Our Infrared thermal imaging cameras find the trapped moisture. Then we identify and mark the wet areas for our repair teams. 

Our drones also carry video cameras that allows us to look at the entire roof in close up detail. We inspect for damage, missing materials, poor drainage, piled up debris, wildlife and more. We also inspect the rooftop equipment like the HVAC, skylights, roof penetrations, flashing and more. In addition, we buzz around the edges of the building to assess any landscaping hazards such as tree branches rubbing on the roof, or even identify unwanted critter dens or nests that could cause problems later.

A drone scan can be far quicker and more cost effective than sending a team up on the roof for their visual inspection. It is also safer for our team, especially if the roof has been damaged by water or fire. We can make a much better assessment of the hazards and problem areas without putting anyone in a danger.

In addition, we’ve found that many insurance companies are using drones for insurance claims and underwriting purposes to help settle claims faster or to insure a property initially.

If you haven’t had your roof inspected recently, why not let our experts come out and give your roof a quick flyby!


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