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What are roof core samples?

December 31, 2017

Assume you are considering purchasing a large commercial, industrial or residential building that has been operating since 1990. Naturally, it has a functioning roof, but as the buyer you’ll have a bunch of questions about it...

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Time for a Roof Asset Management System?

December 14, 2017

When property managers take over a facility, whether they are looking after commercial, industrial or residential roofing, we highly recommend they create a roof asset management plan...

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The Solution to Flat Roof Ponding

November 25, 2017

Commercial and industrial buildings are commonly covered by “flat” roofs. Keeping flat roofs properly drained can be tricky. In fact, while such roofs are often referred to as “flat”, they should not be completely flat — they need to have a gentle, yet well-planned slope. Should you happen to find water sitting on your roof for days after a rain...

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Roof Coatings are Fundamental Maintenance Tools

November 15, 2017

For industrial and commercial facilities, roof coatings are often a fundamental part of maintaining the roofing material. Here are several reasons why facility managers should consider adding roof coating, as well as a few details about the various coating products and options.

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Protecting Against High Winds

October 30, 2017

High winds have the unique ability to get under a variety of roof materials, components and roof-attached equipment. Should you happen to be in an area of the country that experiences high wind and extreme weather, you might consider some available options that help with preventing and / or reducing roof damage during extreme storms.

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