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Protecting Against High Winds

October 30, 2017

High winds have the unique ability to get under a variety of roof materials, components and roof-attached equipment. Should you happen to be in an area of the country that experiences high wind and extreme weather, you might consider some available options that help with preventing and / or reducing roof damage during extreme storms.

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Routine Roof Inspections

October 12, 2017

Why don’t we make roof inspections a regular part of our home or business routine? Well, the roof is just there, right? I mean, if it is doing what it is supposed to do, why worry?

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Roofing after a Hurricane or Severe Storm

September 29, 2017

Should you find yourself in need of repairs, replacement or reconstruction after a major storm, a few areas that may be worth exploring include building codes, your roofs foundation, reinforcement and roof shape.

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Avoid Fly-By-Night Roofing Companies

September 18, 2017

Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Irma. With more violent weather striking the country, and more damage being done to roofs, there are more fly-by-night roofing companies swooping in to take advantage of the unwary.

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Thick or thin roofing membrane?

August 29, 2017

Which is better … thick or thin roofing membrane? That’s not an easy question to answer. A debate is raging among the roofing industry about whether or not thicker single-ply roof membrane is better than a thinner one.

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