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Winter Creates Havoc on Roofing

February 27, 2017

2016-2017 has been a winter of unprecedented storm activity — huge snow amounts in the West, torrential rains in California, vast temperature fluctuations, high winds, and more. Every single one of these extreme weather condition is very hard on roofing materials.

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Repair & Replacement of Commercial and Industrial Roofs

February 15, 2017

What happens when the roof of an industrial or commercial building becomes damaged? The first step is to judge just how bad the damage is. Will repairs be enough to prolong the life of the roof, or does it require replacement.

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Roofing Trends for 2017

January 30, 2017

It’s a new year and there are some exciting new roofing trends coming down the road. Many longtime, proven materials and roof systems aren’t going anywhere, while other newer options continue to gain traction...

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Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

January 12, 2017

Building-Integrated Photovoltaics” (BIPV) are the hottest trend in roofing and building materials in 2017. Simply put, with populations growing worldwide, the demand for energy (specifically renewable energy) is growing rapidly...

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Should I Install Walkways?

December 29, 2016

With a wide range of equipment commonly located on rooftops, traffic, wear and even damage are inevitable. Roof walkways can help keep both the roof system and professionals that service rooftop equipment working safely and efficiently.

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