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Types of Roof Coatings

September 05, 2012

There are many types of coating materials, and each depends on the type of roof being installed, the climate, the building and what effect you are trying to achieve — reflective vs. durable for example, although many coatings are both.

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Metal Roofing in Warm Climates

August 23, 2012

Metal roofing has been popular for years in cooler climates because it sheds snow and ice so well, but it is also a surprisingly good choice for roofing material in warmer climates.

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Bird Damage to Roof

August 08, 2012

Birds can cause considerable damage to virtually all types of roofing. Their droppings are extremely acidic and tend to eat away at roofing materials, particularly at any tar-based system, like asphalt shingles. Studies have shown that the life expectancy of a warehouse roof can be cut in half just by the continuous application of bird droppings.

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Why Clean a Roof?

July 27, 2012

Perhaps the most damaging and least recognized types of roof debris are molds, mildews, lichens and fungus, and can lead to costly repairs or even roof replacement. If your shingles, shakes, tiles, built-up, modified bitumen, single-ply or foam roofing shows a green in color, or green or black splotches, that is a sign that your roof has developed mold and mildew and it is probably time to have it cleaned.

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What is roof flashing

July 10, 2012

Roof flashing provides extra protection for roof areas that are prone to water seepage. The purpose of flashing is to direct the flow of water that leaks into intersections down and away from the interior of the structure to the topside of the roofing material.

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