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Repair & Replacement of Commercial and Industrial Roofs

February 15, 2017

What happens when the roof of an industrial or commercial building becomes damaged? The first step is for the property manager or owner to judge just how bad the damage is. Will repairs be enough to prolong the life of the roof, or does it require replacement. 

In the case of small repairs, roof coatings are one of the most effective and least expensive options available to both repair and add longevity to roofing. They can add an extra level of waterproofing, solar reflection and durability. Many rubberized coatings even reduce impact damage from hail or wind-blown objects.

However, these new coatings aren’t magic fixed for a roof that has been compromised by moderate or severe damage. In some cases, more extensive repairs may correct the problem and push the issue of roof replacement off by a few years. However, it is true that eventually, all roofs will fail, and must be replaced.

Unfortunately, it is easy to wait far too long before making a case for roof replacement.  Instead of budgeting ahead of time for this type of expensive undertaking, it becomes an emergency situation and a shock to property owners.

By planning for roof replacement, even early roof replacement, property managers and owners can realize significant cost savings in two ways:

  • Early replacement may allow a new roof to be overlayed on the old roof, avoiding tear-off costs (roughly $2-$4 per square foot). This may not be possible in all states due to code or structural limitations. Tear-off requires property managers to spend a good deal of time thinking about protecting the precious people, goods and equipment below, and outside the building as well.
  • Early replacement can also prevent damage to the roof deck. A complete tear out of the roof and decking is extremely costly (roughly $46 per square foot).

We recommend property managers consider using our Client Portal for Roof Management. It offers numerous advantages in tracking roofing maintenance, repair and budgeting for roof replacement.


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