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Roofing Trends for 2017

January 30, 2017

It’s a new year and there are some exciting new roofing trends coming down the road. Many longtime, proven materials and roof systems aren’t going anywhere, while other newer options continue to gain traction...

It’s a new year and there are some exciting new roofing trends coming down the road. However, the old standby — asphalt shingles — aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. That’s because they are less expensive to manufacture. They are easy to install and have been known to last more than 40 years. In addition, they are durable enough to withstand 120 miles per hour winds, have a Class A fire resistance, offer sound protection, and can be modified to all different angles, shapes and forms. What’s not to love. 

Another hot trend is roofing tiles. These are created to be barrel-style (like terracotta roofing) or can mimic wood or slate. These tiles are tough and can resist high winds, hail and more. They are simple to install and also have a class A fire resistance.

For commercial and industrial buildings, TPO single-ply roofing membranes are gaining a lot of traction. TPO offers heat-reflective, energy-efficient roofing. The TPO membrane provides high resistance to ultraviolet, ozone and chemical exposure making it ideal for industrial use.

Metal roofing is also making a splash. Metal is about as tough as it comes. It is resistant to extreme weather conditions, fire, mildew, insects and rot. It also lasts longer than practically any other roofing material. Best of all, it comes in panels or shingles and can be manufactured from aluminum, copper, stainless steel or zinc. With protective coatings that help reflect heat, it is a long-term roofing solution that requires little or no maintenance.

Last but not least, Building-Integrated Photovoltaics” (BIPV) are the hottest trend in roofing and building materials in 2017. Photovoltaics capture the sun’s energy and turn it into power. These days, that technology is being built into roofing materials that mimic the real thing (like shingles), as well as into glazing, shading, cladding, wall integrated solutions, glass, facades, windows and more. For more information, read our full article on Photovoltaics.

As for roofing color, well that really depends on the color of your home. However, every manufacturer puts out a roofing color of the year. For instance, Owens Corning has announced its Sedona Canyon dimensional shingle as this year’s best pick. It was created for the warmth and resemblance to real wood. It has three shades, medium and red-toned browns, butterscotch-colored hues and twists of blue-gray that make it the color of the season.  

Here are a few simple tips to follow to help you pick the right color roof for your own home or business…

Siding Color Roof Color
Natural wood, gray, white or light green Green
Gray, warm brown or white Red
Tan, yellow, cream or off-white Brown
Stucco or brick Terra-cotta
Blue, gray, green or white Black
Blue, green, black or white Gray


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