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Top 7 Reasons for Regular Roof Inspections

April 11, 2017

Most of us take the roof over our heads for granted, rarely thinking about it until something goes wrong. However, just like our body requires regular checkups with the doctors, our roof needs regular checkups to extend its life and keep us safe and dry.

Here are 7 great reasons to get your roof regularly inspected:

Damage from Maintenance — In many cases, our air conditioning units are on the roof, both for residential and commercial buildings. Those units constantly need service, as do maintenance panels and other mechanical systems on our roofs. Unfortunately, that also means all kinds of maintenance personnel on the roof. Just walking on the roof can cause damage, not to mention replacing that heavy equipment, dropping tools, debris left on the roof and more. 

Aging — just like human beings, age can take its toll on a rooftop. Weathering from wind, rain, sun, heat, snow, frost, dust, debris, critters — well, you get the idea — cause all kinds of wear and tear. Inspections can catch this kind of slow damage and repair it before it becomes a larger issue, thus extending the life of your roofing.

Storm Damage — In recent years we’ve seen storms of incredible power throughout the whole country, all seemingly bent on destroying our roofs. If you suspect damage to your roof after a storm, get it inspected. Leaks are easy to spot after a storm and can be easily fixed before the problem festers and causes greater damage.

Flora and Fauna — The wind, as well as critters, can bring a variety of spores and seeds onto your roof. If left alone, these things can sprout in damp areas, in gutters, in piles of debris and cause damage to the roofing system. If necessary, regular cleaning can get rid of all that nasty stuff (including the critters) that can cause your roof to age prematurely.

Drainage — the drainage system that removes moisture from your roof is critical to maintain the health of your roof. An inspection will make sure that system is clear and functioning properly.

Security — especially on commercial buildings, regular inspections can catch unlocked roof hatches or skylights before thieves can take advantage of free entry into your property.

Warranty — professional roofers and roofing manufacturers offer warranties on their work. Without inspections, you’ll never know when damage has taken place, nor when to make a claim against the warranties.

Establishing a schedule for routine roof inspections should be a priority for all building owners, whether you have commercial, industrial or residential property. Professional roofers will follow a checklist to make sure all the items above are inspected. In addition, that checklist can help building managers (and homeowners) plan and prepare budgets for future years for maintenance, repair and eventual replacement of roofing materials.

Since the roof is probably the second most expensive thing to replace on your home or business, it pays to be prudent and have regular inspections done.


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