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What is BIM in Roofing

March 15, 2017

Building Information Modeling (BIM) uses computer programming to create a digital representation of a physical building. Various departments will have access to the program (surveyors, civil and structural engineers, architects, maintenance, repair, roofing, executive and more). The programming allows the owner or building manager to make reliable decisions during the construction process by providing cost and timing information. Once the structure is completed, the program provides timely notices and schedules for maintenance and repair, as well as budget projections for costs to maintain the facility. You may know the software by the name of Revit, but there are other versions.

The BIM software allows property managers to add, edit or update the building as changes are made to the facility. Before this kind of software, building plans had to be constantly redrawn taking many man hours with a high cost. Now, a touch of the button can make those changes easy.

Why are we talking about this software now, especially since it’s been around for 20 years or so? Because a new tool (by BIMsmith) has been launched specifically for the roofing industry.

This free, cloud-based tool combines roofing products and elements into one BIM-ready assembly. The program is capable of integrating with other BIM programs and allows roofing professionals to build, collaborate and share their data seamlessly with key members of the facility team. It incorporates product data and specs from a dozen or more manufacturers.

As you can imagine, BIM software is particularly useful for facility managers and the roofing industry to create maintenance schedules and reminders, for planning for roofing replacement and for designing and selecting optimum roofing material for any type of building. It stores material, supplier and manufacturer information, making it easy to reorder new or replacement projects.

Using a BIM program requires that every element necessary to complete the project is accounted for right down to the last nail or fastener to be defined in the 3D model. This also means all the selecting, costing and ordering can be completely automated — a mountain of work just got cut down to a manageable level.

While it won’t change the actual installation or maintenance work that roofers do, it does change how we work with property managers, architects, builders and more. Roofers will be expected to know how to access and understand BIM software and implement proposed building, repair or maintenance.

Happily, Roofing Southwest has already embraced these advancements.  Moreover, if you don’t have plans or drawings for your roof, we can assist in creating them.  


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