Casino Roofing

Large scale roofing projects on high-rises and casinos present a considerable challenge to the owners as well as the professional roofers called upon to deal with the project :

  • Overhead Views: First and foremost, casinos are often multiple levels, and many of the lower roof surfaces are visible to guests, so it’s a real challenge make them look good both from the ground and from above.
  • Multiple-Use Roofing: Casinos tend to include restaurants, roof-top decks, bars and pools that can add extra wear and tear to roofing materials and to the roof structure itself.
  • Heavy-Duty Ventilation: Casinos generally require enormous ventilation and air purification systems to help filter cigarette smoke, which means numerous perforations through the roof structure, not to mention a great deal of heavy equipment located on the roof.
  • Coordination: On large building sites such as casinos, multiple construction companies often work side by side on projects. This requires a great deal of coordination between the companies to make sure the project runs smoothly, on time and on budget.

Maintenance and Repair
Thanks to the complexity of high-rise and casino roofing, such structures require maintenance and repair from time to time. Because guests come to casinos to have fun, the last thing they want is someone pounding on the roof while they are at the tables or slot machines. Roofing Southwest takes the desires of guests seriously. Image, safety, cleanliness and noise are all issues that we help you deal with as you continue to serve your visitors. We do our best to keep a low profile, so your guests won’t even know we are there and to get you back up and running quickly with a minimum of disruption. Roofing Southwest also guarantees quick response times, including a 24-Hour Emergency Service and timely repairs.

Call the Professionals
Roofing Southwest has 40 years of experience working on high rises and casinos. We aren’t daunted by the scope of the project and are skilled at working in tandem with other construction companies. We enjoy the challenge of creating esthetic roofs both from the ground and from above. Roofing Southwest is delighted to be called in at the start of a project to share our years of experience to help you create the best facility possible. In addition, we offer a no-cost evaluation to review your maintenance and repair needs.

Casinos by Roofing Southwest
Roofing Southwest is proud of its professional track record working with casinos and high-rises including: Wild Horse Pass, Casino Arizona, Denali Commercial Building and the Gila River Corporate Center to name just a few. Because we are used to working with large companies with large roof structures, we can mobilize quickly to respond to emergencies. In addition, we have access to large quantities of materials at a moment’s notice. Many smaller roofing companies find it difficult to meet this type of challenge, but we love it!


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