Hotel and Hospitality Roofing

The hotel, resort and hospitality industry offers interesting challenges to roofers and property owners including:

  • Mixed Materials: To create attractive properties, architects often use a variety of roofing styles and materials on these properties, including sloped, flat, tile, mansard and many more. It’s a challenge combining everything from tile to foam, single-ply to asphalt shingle, modified bitumen to shake, to create a beautiful esthetic look to the property.
  • More Roof Penetrations: To accommodate multiple bathrooms, air conditioning and ventilation systems, hotel roofs typically have more penetrations through the roof, causing all kinds of potential for leaks.
  • Multiple Levels: Many hotels and resorts have multiple levels, with many of the lower level roofs visible to guests, so it’s a real challenge make them look good both from the ground and from above.
  • Multi-Function: Resorts and hotels tend to include restaurants, roof-top decks, bars and pools that can add extra wear and tear to roofing materials and to the roof structure itself.
  • Branding: Many hotels, motels and resort chains have designated colors and architectural styles throughout all their properties.
  • Fire Code Requirements: Finally, with guest safety in mind, fire code requirements are particularly stringent for the roofing in the hospitality industry, again making roofing material selections a challenge.

Minimum Disruption to Business
Because guests come to hotels and resorts to get away from it all, the last thing they want is someone pounding on the roof while they are relaxing. Roofing Southwest takes the desires of guests seriously. Image, safety, cleanliness and noise are all issues that we help you deal with as you continue to serve your visitors. We do our best to keep a low profile, so your guests won’t even know we are there.

Get Back Up and Running Quickly
If a disaster occurs, it’s critical to prevent further damage and return your facility to normal as quickly as possible. Roofing Southwest has 40 years of experience helping the hospitality industry minimize business loss and disruptions. We think about the issue of convenience when making repairs including guest safety, parking lot access, material quality and more. In addition, we guarantee quick response times, including a 24-Hour Emergency Service and timely repairs. However, we strongly recommend that proper roof maintenance can avoid property loss and unhappy customers. We offer a variety of flexible maintenance contracts and schedules. Roofing Southwest offers a no-cost evaluation to review maintenance or repair needs.

Hotels and Resorts by Roofing Southwest
Roofing Southwest is proud of its professional track record working with the hospitality industry including: Hampton Inn, Westin Kierland Hotel and Resort, Pueblo at Anderson Springs, and many more. Because we are used to working with the hospitality industry and with multi-use areas and large roofing structures, we can mobilize quickly to respond to emergencies. In addition, we have access to large quantities of materials at a moment’s notice. Many smaller roofing companies find it difficult to meet this type of challenge, but we love it!


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