Schools & Educational Facilities

A roofing project for a school or education facility presents unique challenges and requires some additional steps that some roofers may overlook:

  • Safe Workforce: The safety of the students is the most important aspect of any school. Roofing Southwest makes sure its employees are run through a complete background check to screen out anyone who might present a danger to children or teachers.
  • Bonded and Insured: To ensure the safety of the students, facility and grounds, a professional roofer should be bonded and insured to the proper amount. Roofing Southwest has the capability to bond up to $10 million, and carries a $10 million dollar umbrella insurance policy.
  • Limited Work Schedule: Most schools prefer to make repairs or undertake major renovations during the summer months when students aren’t present (typically only a 1-2 two month timeline). Roofing Southwest works well under timelines and has even found ways to help our professional roofers cope with the tremendous Southwestern summer heat.
  • Ventilation: Schools require proper ventilation for each and every classroom, which often requires multiple roof penetrations — the more roof penetrations the more chances for a leak, unless the materials are properly installed and maintained. Roofing Southwest can provide professional advice on the best types of materials to stand up under these conditions.

To ensure the safety of students, teachers and visitors, school roofs require proper maintenance to avoid damage and to extend the roof’s life to its limit. Roofing Southwest is delighted to provide a no-cost evaluation of a school’s maintenance needs. We offer various options, timelines and immediate service for your current needs.

If the roof of your educational facility is damaged, particularly during the school year, the last thing you need is to shut the school down for repairs. Roofing Southwest understands the need for little or no downtime during a school year. Image, safety, cleanliness and noise are all issues that we help you deal with as you continue to educate American’s youth. We do our best to keep a low profile, so the children and teachers won’t even know we are there and to get you back up and running quickly with a minimum of disruption.

Fast Mobilization
Roofing Southwest understands that when a school’s roof is damaged, the repairs can’t wait! Because we are used to working at schools with large roof structures, we can mobilize quickly to respond to emergencies in a timely manner, including offering a 24-Hour Emergency Service. We enjoy the challenge of acquiring large quantities of materials at a moment’s notice and mobilizing a repair team as quickly as possible. Many smaller roofing companies may find it difficult to meet this type of challenge, but we love it!

School Record
Roofing Southwest is proud of its professional track record working with schools and educational facilities including: Scottsdale Community College, Campus Edge, ASU Barrett Honors, Riggs Elementary, Perry High School and Mesa Community College to name just a few.


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