Tile Roofing Subject to Various Types of Damage in Tucson

Clay, terracotta, slate and concrete tile are very common materials used in the Southwest, and particularly in Tucson. These are all excellent roofing materials, with a long life, durable and are very resistant to damage by weather. However, even the best of roofs can all take damage from the extreme weather the Catalina Mountains can brew up. For instance:

Broken, Cracked or Missing Roofing Materials
Strong winds, hails, heavy rains, extreme heat and cold, can all cause broken, cracked or missing roof materials, particularly if the materials was improperly installed. It's a good idea to call in the experts to examine your roof if haven't had a professional checkup lately.

Loose Mortar
Most tile is installed using some type of mortar. Weather, time, incorrect installation and building movement can cause mortar to become loose around ridge and hip tiles and the wind and water can creep into the joints, causing tiles to crack or blow away, and allow water to seep into the substructure of your home.

Unwanted Growth
Warm, dark and damp places are the perfect places for mold, mildew and lichen to grow. As tile ages, it tends to hold more moisture and can make a perfect habitat for these unwanted growths. Power washing can actually cause damage to your roof, and while there are products on the market to kill unwanted mold, mildew and lichen, it is better to call in professionals, who can get into the cracks and crannies, so you don't have to risk your neck on a ladder.

Tile roofs are fastened to the substructure with metal valleys, which can become corroded thanks to the weather. The valleys can also become clogged with leaves or debris or the improper use of cement-based mortar. Have a professional check the condition of the metal on your roof.

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